London - A City of Many Facets

You are now

In London, that great sea, whose ebb

and flow

At once is deaf and loud, and on the


Vomits its wrecks, and still howls on

for more.

Yet in its depth what treasures!

-P.B. Shelley  

(English version)

Last September I visited a friend of mine in London who was spending a semster abroad there (I know I'm a little behind with my posting - but hey, better late than never right? ;-)). It was my first time ever to see this amazing city. As the quote above quite fittingly indicates, London, just like any other big city has its ugly, as well as its beautiful sides. Nevertheless, it is to say that London is a city of such incredible diversity, pretty much unlike any other place I have seen before. Just taking a look at the entertainment options provided there, will show you what I mean - one night you can go out clubbing and bar-hopping, and the next evening you could just as well visit a Shakespeare play at the Globe!! (Or you could of course be a little rebellious and do it all on the same night ;-)) A colorful mixture of high culture and entertainment! The same goes for sightseeing and touring the city - look to your left and you see this beautiful old building you would want to photograph and stick in your scrapbook; look a little further down the same street and voila there's a brand new modern clothing store! Now let us examine the crowd - the people walking the streets of London are just as diverse as its entertainment and cityscape - if you've ever been to London, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. What is also quite remarkable about London is that to me, at least compared to any other large city I've been to before, it was SO clean! I'm not sure what all the Londoners are up to, but they must be doing something right!! 


(German version)

Letzten September habe ich eine meiner Freundinnen, die gerade ein Auslandssemster in London gemacht hat, besucht (Ich weiß der Post kommt etwas spät - aber hey, besser spät als nie ;-)). Es war mein allererster Besuch dieser wundervollen Stadt. Wie jede andere große Stadt hat London natürlich seine guten, wie auch seine schlechten Seiten. Trotzdem kann man sagen, dass London eine Stadt unglaublicher Vielfältigkeit ist, unvergleichbar mit all den andern Städten, die ich bisher besucht habe. Wenn man sich nur mal das Entertainmentprogramm dort anschaut, werdet ihr euch vorstellen können was ich damit meine - einen Abend kann man eine Kneipentour bzw Clubtour machen und direkt am nächsten Abend eine Shakespeare Theatheraufführung besuchen!! (Natürlich könnte man auch rebellisch sein und alles an einem Abend kombinieren ;-)) Alles in allem die perfekte Mischung zwischen Kultur und Entertainment! Das Selbe erlebt man beim Sightseeing, beziehungsweise auch einfach wenn man durch Londons Straßen läuft - schaut man nach links, sieht man ein wunderschönes altes Gebäude, das man am liebsten auf eine Postkarte abdrucken würde; schaut man ein bisschen weiter unten an der selben Straße, steht dort plötzlich ein brandneuer Einkaufsladen. Ebenso verhält es sich mit den Leuten in London, denn diese sind genau so vielfältig, wie das Entertainment und das Erscheinungsbild der Stadt selbst - falls ihr schon mal in London wart, werdet ihr wissen wovon ich spreche. Was mich außerdem sehr beeindruckt hat, war wie sauber London, im Gegensatz zu andern Städten in denen ich bisher war, ist - irgendwas scheinen die Londoner wohl richtig zu machen!! 

(English version)

In order to give you an impression of my amazing, but sadly too short time in London, as well as to convince you - in case you haven't already done so - to take your next trip to this must-see of a city, I have selected the best holiday photos for you (out of my literally 1000 shots in 3 days :D). 


(German version)

Um euch nun einen Eindruck von meinem atemberaubenden, leider zu kurzen Urlaub, in London zu vermitteln und euch - falls ihr noch nicht dort wart - davon zu überzeugen euren nächsten Urlaub unbedingt in dieser Stadt  zu machen, habe ich euch die besten Urlaubsfotos rausgesucht (von den circa 1000 Stück innerhalb von 3 Tagen :D). 

First Day in London

One of the beautiful old buildings  mentioned above :-)

Piccadilly Circus --> London's Time Square

Buckingham Palace At Night

Tower Bridge

Day 2 in Fabulous London

Btw this is what Big Ben looked like while I was there - I guess you cannot have it all huh :D 

Who can spy the London Eye ;-)


Of course we had our share of traditional scones ;-)

Covent Garden

Let your dreams bloom <3

= obligatory telephone booth picture 

Royal Opera House

There we are!!!

night out in london

First we went to see Wicked - a great musical! (trailer below)

And afterwards to a masquerade party at Café de Paris!!!

Day 3 you have come too soon

I'm definitely loving it - obviously!!

---> typical London Bridge tourist picture :D

Hyde Park

The Royal Courts of Justice

St. Paul's Cathedral

And last but not least: here comes the obligatory fish n chips dinner you shouldn't miss out on while in London!! We went to Shoreditch Fish and Chips, which I can strongly recommend :-)

As you can see, I had THE greatest time in London and if these photos of all the preciousness I saw and experienced while I was there couldn't convince you to plan your next trip - I most definitely don't know what will!! 

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  • #1

    Michelle (Donnerstag, 28 Februar 2019 16:42)

    What a great blog entry! You really describe London perfectly.
    And I loved the weekend with you, sweetie ♡ It was so much fun!

  • #2

    Susi (Freitag, 01 März 2019 19:08)

    Thank you so much girl :-) <3 Yes!! It was amazing!!

  • #3

    Sarah (Samstag, 16 März 2019 22:40)

    Awesome post, loved reading it and looking at the photos! Now I'm looking forward to my short trip to London in summer even more. :) I've been to London 4 times before and I just can't get enough of it!

  • #4

    Susi (Sonntag, 17 März 2019 00:09)

    Glad you enjoyed the post! ❤️ I wish I could come with you - London is just way too awesome!