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Publications · 25. Januar 2021
NEW PROJECT: DIARIOS LATAM by Susi - A Weekly Bilingual Newsletter on Latin America
Hi there! I started a new project, which I hope will interest you guys. This Friday, I published the first edition of my bilingual newsletter "Diarios LatAm" - it‘s a weekly newsletter about events in different Latin American countries. I hope to inspire you guys with different weekly stories and direct attention to people and projects that haven‘t received a lot of publicity. If you want to find out more, visit the website to see an archive of all the previous newsletters and subscribe:...
Publications · 27. Mai 2020
"Across Latin America, Indigenous territories are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. In Costa Rica, public health measures have largely prevented infections among the Indigenous population. But for Indigenous territories like Térraba, in the Puntarenas province, other dangers remain. Even when the coronavirus shutdown ends, the threat of violence against Indigenous people defending their land will continue."