NYTA - Jet Lag: Season 3, Episode 2 – COVID-19 and the EU’s Political Landscape

This podcast looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has been reshaping Europe’s political landscape. Joining the discussion is Christian Martin, the Max Weber Visiting Chair in German and European Studies at NYU’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies. He was with NYTA in mid-April and will help assess how the situation has shifted over the last few months.


Some of the topics we discuss are:


-The impact of COVID-19 on European domestic politics and general attitudes towards the EU and the US 

-Differences in COVID-19 government responses

-The current state of European populist governments

-New restrictions on public life and a potential second lockdown

-The effect on the EU’s economy 

-European Commission’s new Migration and Asylum Pact 

-Looking at the future of Europe

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