Lifestyle · 14. Oktober 2019
We live in an age when reports about celebrities who are in relationships with large age differences, ranging from five years to almost fifty years (Arlene Silver and Dick Van Dyke are 46 years apart) have become part of daily tabloid press. But what does the picture look like for the “ordinary” population? What challenges or advantages are connected to having a partner who is much older or younger than oneself? Have we as society really become that “modern” in our views regarding...
Travel · 29. März 2019
As already mentioned in the title, Amsterdam can be characterized first of all through the freedom you feel there - though I don't mean to support the prostitution or marijuana consumption in any way, I do think granting the people the freedom to indulge even in these kinds of activities just makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, as is the case with most of us - when we're forbidden to do something the temptation to do it anyway is much greater than if we were allowed to do...
Travel · 28. Februar 2019
You are now In London, that great sea, whose ebb and flow At once is deaf and loud, and on the shore Vomits its wrecks, and still howls on for more. Yet in its depth what treasures! -P.B. Shelley
Food · 19. Januar 2019
Ingredients: -40g rolled oats -1ooml milk -flax seeds -1 banana -1/2 teaspoon baking powder -cinnamon Zutaten: -40g zarte Haferflocken -100ml Milch -Leinsamen -1 Banane -1/2 Teelöffel Backpulver -Zimt
Travel · 20. September 2018
LAS VEGAS - I think just about everyone would like to visit this crazy city at least once in their life. As you can see, I had the pleasure to do so this summer!! I can tell you this much: it's even cooler than I thought! What else could you wish for as a 21 birthday gift? Might as well go right at it when you're finally allowed to drink and gamble legally in the US ;-) LAS VEGAS, ein Ort den so gut wie jeder zumindest ein mal im Leben besuchen möchte. Wie man sieht hatte ich diesen Sommer das...
Food · 16. September 2018
Zutaten (für 2 Personen/3 kleine Cups): -40g zarte Haferflocken -Leinsamen -1 Päckchen Vanillinzucker -125ml Milch -125ml Wasser -1 Banane -2 Feigen -Kokosflocken Ingredients (for 2 servings/3 small cups): -40g oats -flaxseeds -1 packet of vanilla sugar -125ml milk -125ml water -1 banana -2 figs -coconut flakes

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