Publications · 07. November 2020
As the world was waiting anxiously for the US 2020 Presidential Election outcomes, the US reported more than 100,000 daily coronavirus cases on November 5, the highest number so far recorded. In the meantime, many European countries have imposed second lockdowns.
Publications · 19. Oktober 2020
During the final years of WWII and after the war ended in 1945, approximately 12 million refugees and expellees migrated to a war-torn Germany where the living standards were low and the economy shattered. Many of these refugees had relatives whose ancestors were German. Johanna Ditter was one of them.
Food · 14. Oktober 2020
A little memoir about the most memorable culinary experience of my childhood.
Publications · 08. Oktober 2020
In this piece for Bedford + Bowery, I follow the story of an underground psychedelic therapist and her journey towards legalizing her work.
Publications · 23. September 2020
This podcast looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has been reshaping Europe’s political landscape. Joining the discussion is Christian Martin, the Max Weber Visiting Chair in German and European Studies at NYU’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies. He was with NYTA in mid-April and will help assess how the situation has shifted over the last few months. Some of the topics we discuss are: -The impact of COVID-19 on European domestic politics and general attitudes towards the EU and...
Publications · 22. September 2020
COVID-19 and Racial Justice Civil Society Relief Efforts in Hard-Hit Communities of New Orleans, Atlanta and Washington D.C.
Publications · 27. Mai 2020
"Across Latin America, Indigenous territories are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. In Costa Rica, public health measures have largely prevented infections among the Indigenous population. But for Indigenous territories like Térraba, in the Puntarenas province, other dangers remain. Even when the coronavirus shutdown ends, the threat of violence against Indigenous people defending their land will continue."
Publications · 02. Mai 2020
A photojournalism project on my coronavirus quarantine in Dallas, Texas.
Publications · 12. April 2020
This podcast episode looks at what is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. Christian Martin, the Max Weber Visiting Chair in German and European Studies at NYU's Centre for European and Mediterranean Studies joined me for the discussion. Some of the topics include: -Germany's low death rate and its containment measures -Privacy concerns in the EU and tracking of the virus cases -Hungary's far-reaching emergency legislation and the EU's response -The effect of the coronavirus on the...
Publications · 23. März 2020
This article explains the effects COVID-19 has had on Italy. More importantly, however, it shows how Italians have been using this crisis to unite and find hope in unique ways.

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