Publications · 18. Februar 2020
Angela Merkel‘s designated successor Anne Kramp-Karrenbauer stepped down from her position as party leader and hence as potential Chancellor candidate. Find out what Germany‘s unstable political landscape looks like now in my newest article for NYTA.
Publications · 27. Januar 2020
In case you're wondering what has led to Britain's final EU exist set for Jan. 31, and what will happen next, this is a brief Brexit explainer.
Publications · 23. Januar 2020
Essex Market in New York hosts a weekly free healthy cooking workshop. It's translated into Cantonese, as well as Spanish. Find out more about the workshop in this short video.
Publications · 25. November 2019
In the wake of anti-immigrant rhetoric from the Trump administration, activist groups across the country are uniting in their mission to show immigrants that they have a home in the US.
Lifestyle · 14. Oktober 2019
We live in an age when reports about celebrities who are in relationships with large age differences, ranging from five years to almost fifty years (Arlene Silver and Dick Van Dyke are 46 years apart) have become part of daily tabloid press. But what does the picture look like for the “ordinary” population? What challenges or advantages are connected to having a partner who is much older or younger than oneself? Have we as society really become that “modern” in our views regarding...
Travel · 29. März 2019
As already mentioned in the title, Amsterdam can be characterized first of all through the freedom you feel there - though I don't mean to support the prostitution or marijuana consumption in any way, I do think granting the people the freedom to indulge even in these kinds of activities just makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, as is the case with most of us - when we're forbidden to do something the temptation to do it anyway is much greater than if we were allowed to do...

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