NYTA - Jet Lag: Season 2, Episode 3—The EU and COVID-19

This podcast episode looks at what is happening with the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. Christian Martin, the Max Weber Visiting Chair in German and European Studies at NYU's Centre for European and Mediterranean Studies joined me for the discussion.


Some of the topics include: 


-Germany's low death rate and its containment measures

-Privacy concerns in the EU and tracking of the virus cases

-Hungary's far-reaching emergency legislation and the EU's response

-The effect of the coronavirus on the EU's economy 

-The humanitarian crisis with refugees and asylum seekers at Greece's border

-Looking at the future of Europe amid this pandemic

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NYTA - Reshaping Germany's Centrist Politics

Angela Merkel‘s designated successor Anne Kramp-Karrenbauer stepped down from her position as party leader and hence as potential Chancellor candidate. Find out what Germany‘s unstable political landscape looks like now in my newest article for NYTA.

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NYTA - What Kind of Exit is Brexit?

In case you're wondering what has led to Britain's final EU exist set for Jan. 31, and what will happen next, this is a brief Brexit explainer.

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Journal of Political Inquiry - The Uniting Power of Trump's Immigration Policies

In the wake of anti-immigrant rhetoric from the Trump administration, activist groups across the country are uniting in their mission to show immigrants that they have a home in the US.

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NYTA - Swedish Climate Activist Gives U.S. Youth Second Wind

When Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist, came to New York for the UN climate summit, she found lots of supporters among young Americans. Over 300 American activist groups joined the global climate strikes, which Thunberg promoted and co-organized.

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Straus News - Fall Fun at the Harvest Fest

Fall in New York is all about sweater-weather, pumpkin spice, the colors changing, fall foods and of course, the fun activities that take place all over the city. And one of the best is the annual Meatpacking District’s Harvest Fest, held Saturday October 12th at Hudson River Park in Chelsea. The event, partnered with The Chelsea Local, brought together 25 vendors, from the restaurant sector to Google and the beauty brand Sephora, offering something of interest to everyone.

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NYTA - Populism: Democracy's Mirror

The world may be confronting a new form of representative government, one that stretches constitutional democracy to its limits. It’s anti-establishment, and reliant on the mobilization of ordinary people—the good people versus the corrupt elite. 


This is how Nadia Urbani, a professor of political science at Columbia, defines populism in her book, “Me the People—How Populism Transforms Democracy.” She regards populism not as the opposite of democracy, but rather as “a mirror of contemporary democracy.” In a panel discussion at Columbia University’s Maison Française, Urbani talked about the issues analyzed in her book.

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NYTA - Faces of the Climate Strike

In September 2019, over 4 million people across the world in over 160 countries joined 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, and other youth climate activists and environmental organizations, in the Global Strike for Climate. Thunberg, the founder of the Friday’s for Future movement, arrived in New York on August 28 and has since addressed Congress, received the Amnesty International 2019 Ambassador of Consciousness Award, and, most importantly, she has motivated the masses to protest at the 9/20 strike and during climate week. 


Read the stories of some of the individuals who participated in the protest.

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